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Some lunatic gave me a blog!

July 15, 2010

Actually, I’ve been meaning to have one for a while. On and off, that is. In my advancing years I have gradually learned to really not take THE INTERNET too seriously, so basically, if you find anything I post here interesting, good for you. If you don’t, well, I guess not everyone is awesome.

So what is this blog about anyway? In my mind, I have decided it should be a vehicle for me to discuss my major interests in life: cooking, computer games, programming and hating on things. It’s hard to say how these things will actually turn out, especially given my prior abortive attempts at some form of blog, but in this one, I hope to up the survivability by widening the allowed topics (i.e., to “whatever”). Who knows, I might even write something that someone may actually find interesting one day.

For anyone who has actually got this far, I’m a professional games programmer in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked on multiple titles that actual real people have played, and I am a highly opinionated, outspoken and generally vaguely angsty person. I also enjoy cooking. I apologize in advance for my eclectic mix of posts, but I promise to use the tags judiciously to assist you in finding useful ones.

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