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Can I just say…

January 2, 2011

"Dragon Age Women". GIS even returned a Maxim shot. Saucy.

I was looking at my blog stats just then, and it seems that the top searches that point people here are:

  • bethany dragon age 2
  • what should pulled pork look like
  • i bought dragon age when it came out they ripped me off
  • dragon age women
  • dragon age sister
  • 80286 memory addresses


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  1. The Baron permalink

    I instantly forgot her name after reading your initial article, but going back and re-reading it now, I guess the controversy continues unabated. I’m sure your article is very helpful in setting people straight on the dealio with what Bethany will be like in DA2.

    I like the third search, particularly given that you like the vanilla. It should really be ‘I bought Dragon Age DLC and wow they didn’t put any effort in’ to reflect your actual articles.

  2. I’ll admit the Dragon Age vanilla was flawed, and it may have pretty shocking replayability (especially after they nerfed the difficulty in a later patch), but it felt like the closest thing to an Infinity Engine game since IWD2. If they had just improved it for DA2 rather than hot-rodded it to hell, we might have got a true Baldur’s Gate successor.

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