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WWDC Keynote!

June 7, 2011

Just a quick one this morning – the keynote is in about 4 hours and I am so jetlagged it isn’t funny. I have no idea what time I even think it is. So yesterday, I got my WWDC badge, and was reminded by the Macbook user behind the counter that there are to be absolutely no photos or blog coverage about anything except the keynote. Including the lobby! Harsh, hey, especially as everything in the lobby (that I could see) was:

  1. Visible from outside
  2. Already announced
Actually, there was one thing that was odd; they had disinfectant dispensers on the counter at regular intervals. Random! Hopefully that isn’t a breach of Apple NDA. Anyway, I’m now sitting here drinking possibly the most expensive coffee I have ever had (room service, the Clift hotel doesn’t believe in providing you with emergency caffeine), trying to decide who in Apple greenlighted the jumper you get. It’s seriously the most weird thing I’ve ever attempted to wear. (Again, hopefully not breaking NDAs) it’s made entirely of stretchy, thin, artificial material which manages to be swelteringly hot and very clingy. I think I’ll give it a miss.

So, assuming they don’t kick me out for not having a Macbook, I’ll be tweeting (twittering?) live updates on my delicious account, Eat/Play/Hate. Meanwhile, E3 is on. Bah.

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