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Dragon Age 2 Update: Dragon Harder

July 27, 2010

The "Badass" response in action

It’s been nearly a week since I last angsted about Dragon Age 2. I have attached a bunch of recent screenshots that have been released. It’s still very underwhelming; I can’t help but feel it looks like Dragon Age 1 only with worse art direction. Maybe I just need to hot rod my taste a bit more. But for once, the retardation that I focus on here is squarely not due to Bioware at all, here’s a wonderful interview from IGN UK’s Xbox division:

Speaking of chopping through enemies, you literally do that. The violence is quite visceral, as a sword swipe might leave just an enemy’s torso or even their feet standing before you.

If the action is getting a little too hectic you can still stop it and issue commands to your party by holding the left trigger. This ability seems to work much like the squad commands in Mass Effect.

Dialogue has been simplified so that you only have up to three choices. Each choice is represented by an icon that indicates whether or it’s a “good,” “nasty,” or “badass” choice. Good choices are represented by an olive branch, nasty by a Greek comedy mask, and badass by a red fist. This is an easy way to gauge what response your dialogue choices will produce.

– IGN UK “bro-box” 360 Division

Nice. The “Good, the Nasty, and the Badass”. I actually think they must have made that one up themselves, since Bioware has never said anything quite so ridiculous (although, I suspect, they may use those terms internally). I particularly love the way that the fratbox players can use the icon to “gauge the response”, as if reading what your character is going to say would be somehow impossible. Man, I just can’t wait to see how the dialogue in DA2 plays out:

“I didn’t mean to steal from you, lord Hawke!”

Good: “I forgive you, humble servant. Return to your duties and consider your actions!”
Nasty: “This will not go unpunished! Guard, take this wretch to the dungeon and remove his nipples!”
Badass: “Raargh! Crush face with giant sword!”

Actually I think I’d appreciate DA2 a lot more if you could always choose the last option for any dialogue junction. Oh well, you can’t have everything. So anyway, back to the screenshots. They have released yet more screenshots of the boring as all hell featureless pink apocalypse. I have no idea why they like showcasing that so much, especially given that one of the environments is quite good-looking (in a ca. 2001 Morrowind kind of way). Otherwise, the only things to notice are how depressed the Ogre looks now (I assume he is sad about the suddenly retarded armour he has to wear), that Flemeth (maybe?) looks angrier than before, and that Hawke is one sexy man.

One more interesting bit of DA2 news – apparently they’ve decided that since the game is being told retrospectively, the narrator (Hawke) can exaggerate the details of events (e.g., “and then I totally crushed, like, 50 darkspawn with one single sweep of my blade, and slept with many women soft of thigh”) which supposedly is going to turn into a portion of the game where you play as superpowered unreliable narrator Hawke. This is a pretty interesting concept, but it doesn’t appeal to me from a gameplay perspective. As I’ve said before, I suppose we have to wait and see how it ends up.

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